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How to Move Prestashop from One Host to Another.

September 18, 2017 0
Transferring your prestashop Website  to a new server is actually quite simple. 
The below guide will show you every step involved in great detail.

Step I >>>> Buy New Web Hosting. 
> Point Your Domain Nameservers to New Web Host. 
> It will Took Some Time to Update Nameservers.

Step II >>>
> Now Login to Old Web Host. 
> And Download Website Files & Create Database Backup.

Step III >>>To Download Website Files. 
> Login to Old Webhost. 
> Go to Your cPanel. 
> Visit cPanel File Manager.
> Select All Your Website Files. Right Click.
> Click on Compress. 
> Select Compostion Type ZIP Archive.
> Click on Compress Files. Give it a Name.

Step IV >>>
ZIP Archive of Your Website Files will be Created in Your cPanel File Manager.  
> Right Click on that ZIP file. 
>Click on Download. 
(Remember FTP client is Best option for Files Transfer. But We Use this Method n our Article for Ease of use.)

Step V >>>Now we Need to Take Website Database Backup. for that 
> Login to Old Webhost. 
> Go to Your cPanel. 
> Click on phpMyAdmin. 

Step VI >>>
In phpMyAdmin.
> Select Your Database.
> Click on Export.
> Select Export Method 'custom'
> Go to output Section. 
> Select Compression 'zipped'
> Click on Go.
Your Zipped Database Backup will be Downloaded.

Step VII>>>
> Now Login to New Webhost. 
> Go to Your cPanel. 
> Click on MySQL Database Wizard.
> Create New Database. 
> Create New User or Assign Already Created Database User to this Database.
> Grant All Database Privilege to This User.

Step VIII >>>
> Go to Your cPanel. 
> Click on phpMyAdmin.
> Select our Newly Created Database.
> Click on Import Tab.
> Click on Choose File.
> Select Zipped Database Backup we Downloaded in Step VI. 
> Click on Go.
Import Will be Successfully finished within few Seconds.

Step IX >>>
Now We Need to Upload Website Files to New Webhost.
> Go to cPanel File Manager.
> Go to 'public_html' folder OR Whichever folder You Choose for Your Website.
> Click on Upload.
> Upload ZIP Archive of Website Files we Downloaded in Step IV.
Website Files will be Uploaded.

Step X >>>
Now Again 
> Go to cPanel File Manager Website Folder.
> Select Uploaded ZIP Archive of Website Files.
> Right Click on it & Extract File.

Step XI >>>
We Need to Update Database Name, Username & Password in Prestashop Settings.
> Go to cPanel File Manager Website Folder.
> Go to Config Folder.
> Right click on
> Click on Edit.

Step XII >>>We Need to Change the Values of _DB_Name, _DB_USER & _DB_PASSWD
Respectively Assign Here the Database Name, Username & Password we Created in Step VII
Save File.

Step XIII >>>
Yep. Its Done.
You Successfully Moved Your Prestashop From One Server to Another Server.

Click Here to Watch Tutorial on Youtube
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Move Wordpress from LocalHost to Live Host

September 04, 2017 0
In This Article we are Presenting the Tutorial of How to Move Your WordPress Website from Localhost to Livehost or Webhost. For that You Need Access to cPanel phpMyAdmin & MySQL Databases. Installed Complete Website on Local Server.

Its Pretty Simple & Easy.

Step I >>>
You Need Installed Complete Website on Local Server. A Domain Name. And Reliable Web Hosting.

Step II >>>
Point Your Domain Name to Your Hosting Provider's Nameservers. 

Step III >>>
Go to Local Server phpMyAdmin. Select Your Database. Click on Export. Select Quick Export Method. Select Format SQL. Click on Go. Your Database Export File Will be Downloaded.

Step IV >>>
Now Copy All of Your Website Files from Your Website's root Folder. And Upload all those Files to Your Host's public_html folder.

Step V >>>
Now Create New Database in Your Hosting. Go to Your cPanel.  click on MySQL Database Wizard. Give Any Name to Your Database & Click on Create.

Step VI >>>
In Next Step Create Database Users. Choose Your Username & Password. Click on Create User. In Next Click on All Privileges. Click on Next Step. Your Database will Be Created Successfully. Now Click on Return Home.

Step VII >>>
Now Go to cPanel Again. Click on phpMyAdmin. login to phpMyAdmin. Select Your Database Created in Step V. 

Step VIII >>>
Click on Import. Choose a Database Exported file Created in Step III. Click on Go. 

Step IX >>>
Now go to phpMyAdmin again. Select Your Database. click on wp_options table. And Change the Value of 'siteurl' & 'home' field to Your Domain Name.
ex. change value to '' instead of 'http://localhost/softlinklabs/'

Step X >>>
Now Go to cPanel Again. Click on File Manager. Go to public_html folder. Right Click on wp_config.php file. Click on Edit. File Will be Open in Editor.

Step XI >>>
In this File Change the Values of MySQL Database Name, MySQL Database username, MySQL Database password. Assign the New Values we Created in Step V & Step VI. Click on Save Changes.

Step XII >>>
Now Login to Your New Wordpress admin Panel.

Step XIII >>>
Go to Settings > General
Click on Save Changes.

Step XIV >>>
Now go to phpMyAdmin again. Select Your Database. Click on SQL and Run Simple Query Given Below.
UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, 'localhost/yourlocalhostaddress/', '');
UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, 'localhost/softlinklabs/', '');
Click on Go

Step XV >>>
Now Login to Your Wordpress admin Panel. Go to Settings > Permalinks. Click on Save Changes.

Its Done. 

Still Hard to Understand.

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How to Install Wordpress on Your Own Computer (Localhost)

September 03, 2017 0
In This Article we are presenting you how to Install WordPress on Your own Windows PC or Laptop. This will also work on Mac.

This Process is known as Local Server or Localhost.

After Complete Creation & Update of Website you can move it to Live Web Host.

Step I >>>
Download WAMP Server or XAMPP to Setup Your Local Server Environment & Install it.
Download it As per Your PC Configuration x64 or x86.

Step II >>>
After Complete Installation Software Ask You For Default Browser & Default Text Editor. You Can choose it as per Your Choice. I Recommend to Use Google Chrome as Browser & Notepad++ as Text Editor.

Step III >>>
Now Start WampServer By Clicking icon on Desktop. Wampserver will be Started. a WAMP Server's Tray icon will appear in Notification Area in Right Bottom of Your PC. 

Step IV>>>
Left Click on WAMP Server's Tray Icon. Then Click on phpMyAdmin. 

Step V >>>
phpMyAdmin will open in Your Default Browser. login into phpMyAdmin By Entering Default username 'root' & blank password.

Step VI >>> 
Click on Databases. Enter Database Name by your Choice & Other choices Left as Default. Now click on Create. Database will be created for Your Website.

Step VII >>>
Now You need to Download WordPress. Download it from given link.

Step VIII >>>
Now go to your Wampserver Installation Directory. By Default it will be C:/wamp64
In that go to 'www' folder & Extract Downloaded WordPress zip file.

Step IX >>>
Now Rename 'WordPress' folder Name your desired Website Name. I Changed it to 'SoftlinkLabs'

Step X >>>
Open Your Default Browser. Enter Your Website Address in adress bar. like http://localhost/YourWebsiteNameFromPreviousStep
In my case I Entered http://localhost/SoftlinkLabs

Step XI >>> 
Wordpress Installation Wizard will be Appear. Select Your Language. Click on Continue. Click on Let's Go.

Step XII >>>
In Next Step. Enter Database Name You Created in Step VI. Enter username as root. left Password field Blank. Left all other is as default. And Click on Submit.

Step XIII >>>
Click on Run the Install. After that Welcome Screen will be Appear.
Enter Site Title, Username, Password & Email.
Don't Click on the Search Engine Visibility Checkbox.

Step XIV >>>
Click on Install WordPress.

Step XV >>> 
Hurray!!! Your Wordpress was Installed & Live on Your Local Server. In Just Simple 15 Steps.

You Can Watch Live Tutorial of this Article on Youtube.

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How to Change Default Home Page for Your Blogger Website

June 21, 2017 0
If You Are On Blogger. Then You know that There is  A Default Home Page Which Displays All Blogger Post You Posted. These Post Are Sort in Recent First Format.

Sometimes You Want to Change it. You Want to Place Page You Liked As Home Page. So In This Guide We will Learn How to Change Default Home Page for Your Blogger Website.
Its Very Easy.

Step I
Choose the Blogger Page. Which You Want to Save As Homepage. Copy its Ending URL.

ex. This is Your Page URL

Just Copy its Ending Part (End URL)

Step II
Go To
Blogger Dashboard>>
Search Preferences>>
Custom Redirects>>

Step III
In the Form Field insert a Forward Slash /

In the To Field Enter the End URL we got from Step 1
e.g. /p/index.html

Check the Box Permanent

Step IV
Click on Save.
Its Done. Very Simple.

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How to Remove Post Footer from Blogger Post

June 19, 2017 0
If You Are On Blogger. Then You know that There are Lot of Buttons after End of Each blogger post. These Buttons are Like Sharing Buttons, Google+ Button & Others.

Sometimes its Looks Little Annoying. So In This Guide We will Learn How to Remove Footer Post from Blogger Blog.
Its Very Easy.

Step I
Go To
Blogger Dashboard>>
Add CSS>>

Step II
Add the Following CSS Code in CSS Area
display: none;

Step III
Click on Apply.
Its Done.
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Stop Windows From Unwantedly Restart your PC

May 16, 2017 0
Step 1 >>
First We Need to Open Registry Editor
Click on Run Dialog in Your Start Menu OR
Press Windows Key + R

Step 2 >>
Now Type "regedit" in Run Box and Enter. Registry Editor Will be Open

Step 3 >>
Navigate to

Step 4 >>
Create a new 32-bit DWORD value 
Rename it to "NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers"
Give it Value "1"

Step 5 >>
Its Done. Now Windows Will not Forcibly Reboot Your PC.
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Use D-Link 2750U ADSL Router As WAN Router.

May 16, 2017 0
Hello Friends,
Do You Have D-Link 2750U ADSL Router?
Do You Want to use it As Wireless Router?
Do You Live in India?
Then This Tutorial is For You.

D-Link 2750U Router is Very Famous Model In India. Which Comes with ADSL Modem + Wireless Router.
But Wait, There is Also One Hidden Feature in it. Its WAN connection Capability.

In India, ADSL Modem Usually Used for BSNL Telephonic Broadband Connection. 
But As all of You Know BSNL Service In India.

If After Some Time You Want Leave BSNL and Use New Any Private Broadband Connection.
Now in India Most of Private Broadband Providers Provide Connection Via WAN service. They Gave us a RJ45 Cable. Which is Useless for ADSL Modem.

If You Also Have D-Link 2750U Modem Router. Then Obviously it Also Became Useless.
But Using Some Tricks You Can Convert Your DSL Modem into WAN Enabled Modem. For That You Need to Update Your Modems Firmware. 
Indian Firmware will not work for Our Purpose. We Need to Download Russian or Middle East Firmware.

Below is Step By Step Guide.

Step 1 >>
Go to This Link 

Step 2 >>
Check Your Modems Hardware Version. Its On Backside of Your Modem.
Hardware Version for This Modem are J1 /V1 /V2 /C1 /U1

Step 3 >>
Download Correct Version Firmware for your Modem. Your Device could be Bricked, If You use Other Versions Firmware.

Step 4 >>
Turn off Your Modem. Press Reset Button of Modem for 5 Seconds. Turn on Your Modem While Pressing the Button. Don't Leave Reset Button Until Another 5 Seconds. Now your Modem will Enter Crash Mode. You Can See it By Behavior of LED Lights on Modem.

Step 5 >>
Connect Your Modem with Ethernet Cable to PC.

Step 6 >>
Enter in Browsers Address Bar

Step 7 >>
Firmware Upgrade Screen will Came Up. Select the Downloaded Firmware File and Upgrade it.

Step 8 >>
After Complete Upgrade Modem will Reboot. Now you Can use Both DSL and Ethernet WAN connection on your Modem. Now go to Modem Settings By Entering

Step 9 >>
Connect Your Private Providers Cable into LAN4 Port. From Now LAN4 Port will Be Acting as WAN Port. And Other 3 Port Will be Your LAN Ports.

Step 10 >>
Click on Setup Wizard. 

Select WAN Access Type Ethernet.
Select Protoco PPPoE
Enter Your Broadband Username and Password. Given By Your Provider.

Step 10 >>
Setup Youe Wireless Settings

Step 11 >>
Click on Finish. Its Done Now. 

Enjoy Your Broadband Connection without Spending Money for New Router.

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Which Named Folder Can't be Created in Windows PC?

May 16, 2017 0
Did You Know?
You Can't Create Some Folders in Windows PC?
Yes, Its True. You Can Try By Following Names.

Folders of Following Names Can't Be Created in Windows.



Wait, But There is Trick. To Make Fun of Your Friend.

Just Add the Simple Blank Letter Before or After These Name.

To Add Blank Letter Press Alt+255 on Your Keyboard.

Its Done Now.
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How to Remove 'Powered By 000webhost' Banner (Watermark) From Your Website

May 03, 2017 2
Step 1:
Login to your 000webhost account.

Step 2:
Go to the settings options.

Step 3: In the settings option click the General option.

Step 4: Find the Show Banner option in the list of settings.

Step 5: And then Turn off the Show Banner option.

Step 6:
Now refresh your webpage you will not see the watermark.

Click Here to Watch Video Tutorial on YouTube

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App Makers Review

May 03, 2017 0
In This Tutorial We Are Going to Review All Leading App Maker Websites.
See All the Features and Choose App Developer As Your Need.
Name of BuilderPriceAdmobG AnalyticsRate DesignPerformance
Andromo$21 - Unlimited100%YesOkOk
AppClay$20 - 1 App0%NoBadBad$90 - 3 Apps
AppInstitute$28 - 1 AppNoYesOkOk
AppMachine$ 99 - 3 App0%NoBadBad
AppMakr$11-1 App100%YesOkOk
apps-builder$49 - 1 App100%YesGoodGood
Appshed$ 15 - 1 AppYesBad
Appsme$50 - 1 App0%NoBadBad
AppYourself$30 - 1 AppYesOkOk
AppyPie$14-1 App100%JavascriptBadOk
BiznessApps$59 - 1 App
GoodBarber$ 42 - 1 App100%YesGoodOk
iBuildApp$60-1 App100%NoOkOk
MakeMeDroid$68-1 App100%NoBadOk
MobAppCreator$ 100 - 5 App100%YesOkOk
MobinCube$5 - 1 App100%YesBadOk
MobiRoller$9 - 1 App100%YesBadOk
Shoutem$ 58 - 1 App100%NoOkOk
AdianteApps$35 - 1 App100%YesOkOk
AppsZero$49 - 500 App100%YesOkOk
Nativ$14-1 App0%YesOkOk
Appsconda$99 - App Life100%YesOkOk
Mippin$999 - App Year100%YesBadOk
Como$57 - 1 App0%NoOkOk
MobileRoadie$149 - 1 App0%NoBadOk
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