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Use D-Link 2750U ADSL Router As WAN Router.

Hello Friends,
Do You Have D-Link 2750U ADSL Router?
Do You Want to use it As Wireless Router?
Do You Live in India?
Then This Tutorial is For You.

D-Link 2750U Router is Very Famous Model In India. Which Comes with ADSL Modem + Wireless Router.
But Wait, There is Also One Hidden Feature in it. Its WAN connection Capability.

In India, ADSL Modem Usually Used for BSNL Telephonic Broadband Connection. 
But As all of You Know BSNL Service In India.

If After Some Time You Want Leave BSNL and Use New Any Private Broadband Connection.
Now in India Most of Private Broadband Providers Provide Connection Via WAN service. They Gave us a RJ45 Cable. Which is Useless for ADSL Modem.

If You Also Have D-Link 2750U Modem Router. Then Obviously it Also Became Useless.
But Using Some Tricks You Can Convert Your DSL Modem into WAN Enabled Modem. For That You Need to Update Your Modems Firmware. 
Indian Firmware will not work for Our Purpose. We Need to Download Russian or Middle East Firmware.

Below is Step By Step Guide.

Step 1 >>
Go to This Link 

Step 2 >>
Check Your Modems Hardware Version. Its On Backside of Your Modem.
Hardware Version for This Modem are J1 /V1 /V2 /C1 /U1

Step 3 >>
Download Correct Version Firmware for your Modem. Your Device could be Bricked, If You use Other Versions Firmware.

Step 4 >>
Turn off Your Modem. Press Reset Button of Modem for 5 Seconds. Turn on Your Modem While Pressing the Button. Don't Leave Reset Button Until Another 5 Seconds. Now your Modem will Enter Crash Mode. You Can See it By Behavior of LED Lights on Modem.

Step 5 >>
Connect Your Modem with Ethernet Cable to PC.

Step 6 >>
Enter in Browsers Address Bar

Step 7 >>
Firmware Upgrade Screen will Came Up. Select the Downloaded Firmware File and Upgrade it.

Step 8 >>
After Complete Upgrade Modem will Reboot. Now you Can use Both DSL and Ethernet WAN connection on your Modem. Now go to Modem Settings By Entering

Step 9 >>
Connect Your Private Providers Cable into LAN4 Port. From Now LAN4 Port will Be Acting as WAN Port. And Other 3 Port Will be Your LAN Ports.

Step 10 >>
Click on Setup Wizard. 

Select WAN Access Type Ethernet.
Select Protoco PPPoE
Enter Your Broadband Username and Password. Given By Your Provider.

Step 10 >>
Setup Youe Wireless Settings

Step 11 >>
Click on Finish. Its Done Now. 

Enjoy Your Broadband Connection without Spending Money for New Router.

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