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How to Install Wordpress on Your Own Computer (Localhost)

In This Article we are presenting you how to Install WordPress on Your own Windows PC or Laptop. This will also work on Mac.

This Process is known as Local Server or Localhost.

After Complete Creation & Update of Website you can move it to Live Web Host.

Step I >>>
Download WAMP Server or XAMPP to Setup Your Local Server Environment & Install it.
Download it As per Your PC Configuration x64 or x86.

Step II >>>
After Complete Installation Software Ask You For Default Browser & Default Text Editor. You Can choose it as per Your Choice. I Recommend to Use Google Chrome as Browser & Notepad++ as Text Editor.

Step III >>>
Now Start WampServer By Clicking icon on Desktop. Wampserver will be Started. a WAMP Server's Tray icon will appear in Notification Area in Right Bottom of Your PC. 

Step IV>>>
Left Click on WAMP Server's Tray Icon. Then Click on phpMyAdmin. 

Step V >>>
phpMyAdmin will open in Your Default Browser. login into phpMyAdmin By Entering Default username 'root' & blank password.

Step VI >>> 
Click on Databases. Enter Database Name by your Choice & Other choices Left as Default. Now click on Create. Database will be created for Your Website.

Step VII >>>
Now You need to Download WordPress. Download it from given link.

Step VIII >>>
Now go to your Wampserver Installation Directory. By Default it will be C:/wamp64
In that go to 'www' folder & Extract Downloaded WordPress zip file.

Step IX >>>
Now Rename 'WordPress' folder Name your desired Website Name. I Changed it to 'SoftlinkLabs'

Step X >>>
Open Your Default Browser. Enter Your Website Address in adress bar. like http://localhost/YourWebsiteNameFromPreviousStep
In my case I Entered http://localhost/SoftlinkLabs

Step XI >>> 
Wordpress Installation Wizard will be Appear. Select Your Language. Click on Continue. Click on Let's Go.

Step XII >>>
In Next Step. Enter Database Name You Created in Step VI. Enter username as root. left Password field Blank. Left all other is as default. And Click on Submit.

Step XIII >>>
Click on Run the Install. After that Welcome Screen will be Appear.
Enter Site Title, Username, Password & Email.
Don't Click on the Search Engine Visibility Checkbox.

Step XIV >>>
Click on Install WordPress.

Step XV >>> 
Hurray!!! Your Wordpress was Installed & Live on Your Local Server. In Just Simple 15 Steps.

You Can Watch Live Tutorial of this Article on Youtube.

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