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How to Move Prestashop from One Host to Another.

Transferring your prestashop Website  to a new server is actually quite simple. 
The below guide will show you every step involved in great detail.

Step I >>>> Buy New Web Hosting. 
> Point Your Domain Nameservers to New Web Host. 
> It will Took Some Time to Update Nameservers.

Step II >>>
> Now Login to Old Web Host. 
> And Download Website Files & Create Database Backup.

Step III >>>To Download Website Files. 
> Login to Old Webhost. 
> Go to Your cPanel. 
> Visit cPanel File Manager.
> Select All Your Website Files. Right Click.
> Click on Compress. 
> Select Compostion Type ZIP Archive.
> Click on Compress Files. Give it a Name.

Step IV >>>
ZIP Archive of Your Website Files will be Created in Your cPanel File Manager.  
> Right Click on that ZIP file. 
>Click on Download. 
(Remember FTP client is Best option for Files Transfer. But We Use this Method n our Article for Ease of use.)

Step V >>>Now we Need to Take Website Database Backup. for that 
> Login to Old Webhost. 
> Go to Your cPanel. 
> Click on phpMyAdmin. 

Step VI >>>
In phpMyAdmin.
> Select Your Database.
> Click on Export.
> Select Export Method 'custom'
> Go to output Section. 
> Select Compression 'zipped'
> Click on Go.
Your Zipped Database Backup will be Downloaded.

Step VII>>>
> Now Login to New Webhost. 
> Go to Your cPanel. 
> Click on MySQL Database Wizard.
> Create New Database. 
> Create New User or Assign Already Created Database User to this Database.
> Grant All Database Privilege to This User.

Step VIII >>>
> Go to Your cPanel. 
> Click on phpMyAdmin.
> Select our Newly Created Database.
> Click on Import Tab.
> Click on Choose File.
> Select Zipped Database Backup we Downloaded in Step VI. 
> Click on Go.
Import Will be Successfully finished within few Seconds.

Step IX >>>
Now We Need to Upload Website Files to New Webhost.
> Go to cPanel File Manager.
> Go to 'public_html' folder OR Whichever folder You Choose for Your Website.
> Click on Upload.
> Upload ZIP Archive of Website Files we Downloaded in Step IV.
Website Files will be Uploaded.

Step X >>>
Now Again 
> Go to cPanel File Manager Website Folder.
> Select Uploaded ZIP Archive of Website Files.
> Right Click on it & Extract File.

Step XI >>>
We Need to Update Database Name, Username & Password in Prestashop Settings.
> Go to cPanel File Manager Website Folder.
> Go to Config Folder.
> Right click on
> Click on Edit.

Step XII >>>We Need to Change the Values of _DB_Name, _DB_USER & _DB_PASSWD
Respectively Assign Here the Database Name, Username & Password we Created in Step VII
Save File.

Step XIII >>>
Yep. Its Done.
You Successfully Moved Your Prestashop From One Server to Another Server.

Click Here to Watch Tutorial on Youtube

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